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Music the way you choose it!

SmsMP3 is launching the complete music store where you decide!
SmsMP3 AS is launching the market's most user- and artist-friendly portal for music on the internet and for you cellphone.
If you are an artist yourself, you will find us interesting as a partner for distribution.
Record companies and managers can now sign partnership with a company that is going to be present in many countries.
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Timeless symphonic progrock
Cross' music is best described as "timeless symphonic progrock" as the are often compared to old school prog bands such as Genesis, ELP, UK and Pink Floyd as well as contemporary acts like IQ, It Bites or Arena when reviewers try to describe this unique act. The music is found at SmsMP3.
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New track from Eye II Eye, and their song "Angel" at American radio on the net.!

Need for speed? or simply: "Boys" from Eye II Eye!
Eye II Eye has recorded a new song, Boys, which you might download and listen to. A quicker pop-rock song which is stuck in your head? You be the judge!
On request from Progressive Soundscapes Radio, Eye II Eye has been played for american listeners. The song "Angel" has been the first on the playlist.

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Remix / remaster from Eye II Eye:

Eye II Eye has remixet and remastered 11 of their songs!
Eye II Eye has done what they said they should do: They have taken 100 % control on the sound and production. Now they have remixed and remastered 11 of the songs. Alle songs from Eye II Eye can be downloaded for free here at SmsMP3.
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SmsMP3 goes rap in the UK:

Hectic with Mr. Hectic?

Uk hip-hop may have had hit a high in recent times but occasionally, just occasionally, the faint odour of complacency seems to waft through the London air. The brief exposure enjoyed by Mark B & Blade and Roots Manuva hasn't been capitalized on and whilst the underground continues to thrive, communicating that wealth of talent to a wider audience doesn't appear to be a priority at the moment. Surely we've come too far and endured too many jokes from our American cousins to let it slip now?
SmsMP3 gives you Mr. Hectic, alias Simon Jawahall.

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Denise Lopez:

Denise Lopez and "Slave to the sound" to SmsMP3
Denise Lopez with her latest CD "Slave to the sound" comes to SmsMP3. Among others, Dannii Minogue, has taken part in the writing of two songs on the CD as well as backing vocals. We are happy to announce that if you're a fan of Denise, you might order "Slave to the sound" directly from SmsMP3.
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Aaron Bewza:

The classic pianist "goes punk" in Canada?
Thirty year old tattoo artist Aaron Bewza plays all the instruments, records and mixes it all together in his grandmother's basement... don't worry, she's cool with that!
We are also cool with that, and we're cool with that Aaron goes to SmsMP3!
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New idea, new consept:

Reasons to work with SmsMP3!
The whole idea behind SmsMP3 is based on cooperation.  We believe it is possible for a record company to work with net users.  The artist wants a contract that puts them on equal ground with their record company.  Moreover, we believe that the artists, producers and managment offices need to meet openly.  And last but not least, like in all other branches, the customer is always right! (almost always, anyway)
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Eye II Eye: Face to face

Scandinavian rock at its best!
After having been in Stockholm and mastered its sound together with Tommy Lydell, Eye II Eye is releasing its first CD: Face to face!
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Music and SMS

What is SmsMP3.com?
SmsMP3.com is a website using modern communication tehcnology to market music for artists, record companies and other actors in the music industry that wants to use new approaches to the market.
SmsMP3 was founded by the company ViaNett AS to combine webtechnology, SMS and interactivity to market and distribute music. We believe that new technology shall be used for the purpose to please the customers, and not waste resources on fighting the development and turn the customers against the industry.
We believe that downloading of music-files is good for CD sales! We want to build a consept that gives the customer something more. Services that increases sales, lower the costs and makes it possible for artists without a record company to market themselves. And it's free!

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You might be a professional or an amateur.

Would you like to become an artist on SmsMp3.com?
If you want to become an artist on SmsMP3, you can do it! It is simple, it costs nothing, and you take control over your carreer and the future. The deal is open between you, us and the users (and off course our competitors). As a user you bring the artists to the limelight! As a talented artist you help build a better service.
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Link to smsmp3.com?
Do you wish to have a link from your site to smsmp3.com? You don't have to ask us. Just copy the banner if you want to. If you want a bigger banner size, simply click the small one.
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